Invest in Kenya

Trade Kenya aims to assist navigate Kenyan investment opportunities for your business across Kenya's sectors and counties.

Why invest in Kenya?

Kenya’s favourable business environment, strong growing economy, urban middle class, geostrategic location and regional dominance makes it a lucrative investment and trade destination to East and Central Africa.


Trade Kenya works to assist prospective investors in identifying growing market sectors, debunking the government agenda, and attaining a clear view of the business climate in Kenya.

Counties and regions

Kenya’s devolved governance has enabled sectors to equitably flourish from the county levels to national levels. The economic power and diversity of the 47 Counties in Kenya, offer global businesses one of the best ecosystems in the world to grow innovative companies across all sectors. Each county embodying its own niche opportunity, Trade Kenya ensures investors are well abreast of the various opportunities that could be tapped from the various counties.

Find your investment opportunities

Trade Kenya has selected a range of attractive large capital and investment opportunities to meet your needs. The identified opportunities have been complimented with the Kenyan market trends that have been witnessed to garner stronger investment prospects.

How we can help

Kenya’s business community thrive on tangible networks matched to complement each other in various sectors of interest. Trade Kenya aims to assist businesses in meeting their targeted markets through business matchmaking ventures tailor made for their specific sectors.

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